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This budget will include a highly developed microsite, including an introductory strategic workshop.

You will recieve a high quality presentation or performance website. We will guide you through the entire creative process.

This budget will include an extensive information, or image website. We will employ analysis of the competition, in-depth interviews and user testing in the creative process.

This budget will rank you among the very best. We will create a tailor-made creative website for you, including advanced dynamic animations and effects.

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  • We have over 14 years of experience with various types of customers, including commercial companies and public institutions
  • We treat our clients fairly and as partners
  • We use a tried-and-tested realisation procedure
  • We have received 1× gold and 3× silver medals at the WebTop100 competition
  • We have developed the user-friendly BMCMS content management system which makes content administration a breeze
  • Each of our websites extends into business
  • We always work towards long-term partnerships and development
  • Our comprehensive and strategic approach will help develop your business
  • We have expert knowledge in the field of web solutions and technology
  • We provide top flight designs and functional solutions
  • We are able to handle big projects and we are happy to cooperate with other suppliers

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PINK - a creative process that means you can be sure that the result will be 100%.

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We leave nothing to chance. We have used our experience gained from hundreds of projects to create a standard that works.

  • PINK can be used for both big and small projects
  • PINK is creativity combined with function
  • PINK provides an overview of the entire project

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